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Commencing operation in 2003, International Security Training, LLC has slowly become one of the world’s most respected sources of education in the Protection Community. We provide private educational services to three demographics. The first being individual students, the second being training companies & agencies, and thirdly – instructors & curriculum developers.We’ve trained executive protection agents; security directors, managers, & supervisors,  bail enforcement, law enforcement, military, private investigator and casino security personnel, just to name a few. 2016 online dojo fkjOur courses & seminars are professional / occupational focused… not credit granting for public education.  This saves our students a lot of money, and provides them current and actionable information.So whether you’re an individual student interested in studying professional security, an instructor wanting to be licensed to teach the live versions of our courses, or a company desiring international accreditation, in order to stand out among your competition – we look forward to working with you and playing a role – in your success.

Need an invoice for your employer? Send us an eMail and let us know!

Need an invoice for your employer? Send us an eMail and let us know!

Our goal is to bring & keep the word PROFESSIONAL in these industries.Already completed an Executive Protection course elsewhere but struggling in business?  Check out our EP Business Essentials reports HERE!Help Missing and Sexually Exploited Children Charity

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