Verbal De-escalation In Executive Protection / Bodyguard Work

Our main mission in Executive & VIP Protection is to prevent intentional or unintentional acts of harm from reaching our client.

In addition, we need to protect and improve (whenever possible) our client’s reputation. Every time we interact with people on our clients’ behalf… we have the opportunity to do just that! Now, when “steering” an overly anxious fan away or removing a trespasser from the property… a most important skill we need to utilize is Verbal De-escalation. This becomes extremely important when the person we’re dealing with is threatening us physically or berating us verbally.

We have to keep our cool, watch our language, and be aware of our body language. I’ve seen some veteran agents deflect punches from angry spectators… take their verbal cussing… wrap them up physically without hitting them… and remove them from the area! All this gets done without throwing the idiot a “Bouncer Beating”!

I challenge you to study the topic. Even if you’ve gone through similar training in the past… do it again! This topic should be a major part of any executive protection course or bodyguard certification program.

Until next time, stay safe!


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