Verbal De-Escalation Course – Huge Tuition Discount

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Brian K. Allen


Just a few days ago, I learned of a security agent that was injured, very severely, in a fight that could have been prevented.  This fight… this escalation… was created by about 5 minutes of horrible verbal communication between the security agent and a few intoxicated trouble makers.

Listen – no matter how strong you are, big you are, good you are at MMA, or how amazing your weapon is… if you’re working security – you’re a target.  The bad guys size you up… and then CHEAT (which is actually a smart thing to do in a street fight) if they assume that you can handle yourself.

So – the best thing is to always de-escalate!  This course has among one of our lowest enrollment rates… because people think they already know enough.  For that reason, I’m temporarily dropping the cost of tuition to only $117.00 US Funds (Save $120)

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Since this is a very big savings, this special cannot be combined with any other special.  Also, swapping out this course, for another one is prohibited.

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