Become An Instructor Licensee Of International Security Training

Instructor licensing is a voluntary process that grants a time-limited credential to individuals meeting predetermined standards for knowledge, skills, or competencies. The assessment of the individual applicant can be independent of a specific class, course, or other IST training program … Continue reading

Obtain Your Company Accreditation Thru International Security Training

Purpose Accreditation is a process of meeting organizational and program/service standards developed by impartial consumers, stakeholders, international professionals. Accreditation indicates that the accredited entity has achieved an appropriate level of organizational proficiency and that it has reliable mechanisms in operation … Continue reading

Best Executive Protection Course | Online Training Certification | Celebrity VIP Bodyguard | 11-25-15

Step #1 – Get TRAINED! Online courses at work great for former military, law enforcement, or security personal with work experience. For the beginner, spending a couple hundred dollars there will save a person a ton of time and … Continue reading

Criminal Profiling Online Certification – Training Course 11-11-15

Are you interested in Criminal Profiling? Have your ever wondered WHY violent criminals do what they do? If so – this course is for you! From law enforcement investigators to psychologists, you’ll learn how behavioral science has progressed over the … Continue reading