4 Basic Protection Detail Positions – Executive Protection – Bodyguard – Security – Certification – Course 5-17-2013

When you’re fortunate enough to have a client that can afford a 5 agent team, you can assign each agent a specific position.  Now, depending on what formation the environment calls for… some shifting will occur.  We’ll cover formations in … Continue reading

Shotgun Chokes and Patterns – Types & Definitions

I received an email last week asking me to explain the difference in shotgun chokes.  For that reason, I’m sharing the information one of my firearm instructors posted a while back. When a shell is fired from a shotgun, the … Continue reading

Advance Party Security Checklist – Executive Protection – Bodyguard Training Course 3-10-2013

Since our EP course has over 200 advance checklist items… I wanted to share a “Basic 20” list that has been used by many agents.  This list should be copied into a document with a few spaces between each item.  … Continue reading