Stalkers Still On The Rise | Bodyguard Training Executive Protection Course 2-16-2013

Most of my civilian business revolves around Stalkers.  Even though there are an increasing amount of anti-stalking laws being passed, I’ve been VERY disappointed in the amount of assistance received by my clients from the authorities.  I’ve been told from … Continue reading

Terrorism & Hostile Environment vs. Street and Organized Crime – Executive Protection – Bodyguard – Casino – Nightclub Security – Training – Course

This morning I received a call-out for an urgent assignment that involved basically rescuing a couple protection agents from a very precarious situation.  Luckily I had a couple of peers available to assist.  We were able to bail our buddies … Continue reading

White House Gun Control Summary Documents 1-16-2013

For our USA fans & students. Please speak calmly… politely… and intelligently about the Gun Control issues. Speak about documents you’ve personally read NOT angry mis-stated posts from facebook, twitter or angry / loud radio & TV show personalities. Remember, … Continue reading

Command Post Essentials – Executive Protection – Casino Security – Bodyguard – Training – Blog 1-8-2013

executive protection training – executive protection course – executive protection certification casino security training – casino security course – casino security certification nightclub security training – nightclub security course – nightclub security certification bouncer training – bouncer course – bouncer … Continue reading