Command Post Essentials – Executive Protection – Casino Security – Bodyguard – Training – Blog 1-8-2013

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Motorcade Considerations – Executive Protection – Bodyguard Certification – Training Course 12-23-12

I was asked by a student yesterday what things I consider when a motorcade will be part of a protection assignment. I emailed her my basic checklist and thought many of you may be interested in it as well. I … Continue reading

Security Fences – Executive Protection Certification – Bodyguard Course – Online # 4

Here is a quick list to refer to when installing security fencing around a property! 1. Construct 2 layers of fencing, approx 15ft between them… for greatly improved security. 2. Maintain a minimum height of 7ft tall… not including the … Continue reading

Robbery Prevention – Exterior Of Your Business – Executive Protection

Exterior Opportunities Increase Visibility Lights Trimmed landscape Eye-viewers Keep windows clear of posters and/or signs Control Access Keep rear doors locked at all times Keep doors locked when the business is closed Keep the dumpster areas locked Recognize Suspicious Activity … Continue reading

Executive Protection – Bodyguard – Training – Course – Online – Blog | 4-9-12 founder Brian Allen answers a question about off duty activities. … Continue reading