Executive Protection – Bodyguard – Training – Course – Online – Blog | 4-9-12

www.InternationalSecurityTraining.org founder Brian Allen answers a question about off duty activities. … Continue reading

Executive Protection – Bodyguard | Hand Scanners? Iris Scanners? Finger Scanners? What Are They?

Biometrics (or biometric authentication) consists of methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. In computer science, in particular, biometrics is used as a form of identity access management and access control. It … Continue reading

Technology Is Great BUT Never Eliminate Foot Patrols!

There are two main reasons for keeping foot patrols a part of a security program. The first is that all of the senses can be used by the security agent. Second is the deterrent value. Deterring crimes of opportunity is … Continue reading