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Student & Peer Testimonials — 101 Comments

  1. Timothy Kimola, MMAD, PPI Dip. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I wish to assure you that I have learnt so much from all of your constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course. The course exceeded my expectations, in particular because it explored other aspects of investigative approach such as health and mental status, professionalism, ethics adherence,how facts are analyzed to reveal the truth and legal compliance. I am indeed beginning to understand how the brain works, and it is opening up a whole new dimension on how professional investigation roles bring about solution in the security industry. Despite the roles being challenging and in turn rewarding. I am getting an extensive knowledge of the investigation field and am learning how to apply concepts in an easy way for the right and timely goals achievements. It suffice to testify that the training materials for the programs were a lighting candle to expose the hidden myth and offer the correct route to pursue for personal and organization development.

  2. The courses I have been taking through International Security Training, along with the videos posted for Spec-Op Group, have been outstanding! The training brings real life experiences to all aspects of Security, including interesting inside information, making it particularly relevant and practical. Brian and the Student Services provide great support to students with rapid availability and contact. I highly recommend IST to anyone interested in Security and the related areas covered by the courses.

  3. Hi Brian,

    The courses:”Criminal Profiling”, “Criminal Investigator”, “Crime Scene Investigations” were very useful to me and helped me to upgrade new knowledge and skills. It is very well organized and meaningful.

    Thank you!

  4. Just finished two courses, Anti-Terrorism Specialist and Physical Security Specialist, and found them both very informative courses that were well presented, easy to follow/well written and extremely helpful for someone who is re-entering the security field.

    I’m highly recommend both and will be back to take more.

    And, thanks, Brian, for the support.

  5. The Security Supervisor course was very well put together. Easy to understand the material. It was direct and to the point. I would highly recommend this course to others.

  6. thanks Brian your course was excelent the last one was the Fugitive Recovery and I never been so well in my life after follow you routine of strenght anf fitness and not only this thanks to the skills I got and following your advices even If I am (in Europe) by now .I localiced and put in the court to a real frauder guy
    thanks Friend

  7. is realy good and profesional and more than a teacher is a real person and friend my congratulations Bryan

  8. I took the security management course and criminal profiling course. Both were very informative and the correspondence was quick and easy! I enjoyed the courses and plan on taking more!

  9. I followed the courses Security Management, Security Director and Professional Instructor. I decided to enter the field of security once more and needed to upgrade my knowledge. I enjoyed the reading and content of these courses. I found these courses very informative and will encourage any one who wants to enter the field of security to follow these courses and promote them. Thanks for the support!

  10. This site was suggested by my previous DOPS(Director of operations)as a stepping stone to furthering my education.
    I’m sure glad i listened and took it and that he suggested your course.
    I would highly recommend this course to anyone.
    Btw i took the Security Management course.

  11. I just completed the Bounty Hunter course….It’s fantastic! Very in depth and knowledgeable, plus it covers a wide variety of topics on the industry and it’s a great stepping stone for achieving your goals! I’m so glad I took this course and highly recommended this program to anyone interested in furthering there knowledge. Thank you Brian for helping take a closer step towards my career!

  12. The bounty hunter course was very knowledgeable and taking this training and applying it with my criminal investigator course. I’m already going to school to be a private investigator. so tie these all together is going to benefit. thanks Brian I would recommend these to anyone. Will be taking more course through you until I do them all.

  13. The field of security, investigation, and protective services is one that I’ve enjoyed to have as a fall back to my career in management and my responsibilities in leadership throughout my years of employment.
    Having grown up in a family with career law enforcement and military professionals; the challenges of the profession are not new to me. What is new, exciting, and refreshing is the approach to the simplification and the ease of material presentation that enables both the experienced and novice alike to learn with efficiency; making the study lessons both a condensed and yet an effective delivery of coursework. During my years of field work; on many occasions I heard the expression: “Good Intelligence is one that field agents can assimilate, and disseminate, in order to effectively inform in a simplified format that facilitates the understanding of complex facts on hand, and enables us to make rational and sound derisions even under duress.” With this being made clear; it is my personal perception that Director Brian K. Allen, has accomplished this with the courses that he offers through International Security Training, L.L.C.
    I am impressed and highly recommend the courses to everyone interested in this field of work.


    Joseph G Guedea

  14. I scrolled through many company’s for a diploma in security field and I am very happy that at last I found the International Security Training company which not only has a lot to give but also guides you along. It is very simple and easy to get through the procedures. I would definitely try and complete more fields. hats off to the management and team.

  15. Today I received the good news that I passed A+ the Professional Instructor Exam. Now My career path is modified for a better tomorrow as I await my two Certificates in Security Management and Professional Instructorship.
    Thank you Brian, now you have a True disciple in Nigeria. Thanks once again.

  16. Honestly, I am home with Brian. Within a total of 8hours I finished the course Security Management,though I like to call it Corporate Security Management. I love and Believe in Brian because a helped me confirm an idea i have nursed within me-that ex military and police are not necessary security experts. Especially when they interface with the real world. Thanks Brian. Waiting for my scores and my next course-Instructor/Train the Trainer

  17. I took the Executive Protection, professional instructor and the security management and couldn’t be more pleased with the case work. It was consise and to the point I would recommend any of Brian’s courses to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and start their own business the right way.
    Jim Smith

  18. Hi George,

    The online courses are rated at 16 hours. Most students complete them in approx 1 week.


  19. A great resource to reckon with. The material is rich in its context and content.Suggest the introduction of higher courses.Thank you Brian.

  20. I found the Security Management course to be both comprehensive, and very informative. I would recommend IST courses to anyone looking to gain valuable knowledge in the field of Security.

  21. WOW! I just completed Brian’s “EXECUTIVE PROTECTION” Online Course, and received a 100% Score–> A+ Grade! If you are interested in working as a Celebrity Bodyguard, Corporate Protection Agent, Travel Escort Agent, or Sensitive Asset Courier –> THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU. I encourage you to only learn from the best, Brian is a True Expert in the secretive field of Executive Protection. I will be directing others to attend the Online Security Courses & Training at: INTERNATIONAL SECURITY TRAINING. ~ Terry Ratterree 🙂 Northern CA.

  22. I would highly recommend the “Professional Casino Security” course to anybody currently employed, or seeking a security position in the Casino & Hotel environment. There is so much to learn, and Brian has the Hands On Experience to teach the necessary skills. I’m looking forward to taking the “Executive Protection” course next. Thanks to International Security Training, I’m on my way to an exciting professional security career! ~ Terry Ratterree 🙂 Northern CA.


  24. Thank you for a great introduction into the EP business. The flexibility of studying online fit my work schedule perfectly and the course was informative, easy to follow and full of suggestions were to go next. I highly recommend these lessons. Jens Plage

  25. As an ex-member of law enforcement for a while and now serving as a PMC this is what i have to say. I have been in Iraq,Afghanistan and now in EAU working in the private sector but I wanted to have more knowledge and I knew from the beginning that I was going to get a good advisory from this WEB SITE…….very worth it, that is why i took this course, here people can have more knowledge and guidance. At the end telling the true the test was a little difficult but thanks GOD the course gives tools to handle this very easy.

  26. I wish I had taken the EP and Security Management course 2 years ago. I’ve been struggling with my business that whole time. I thought force protection experience and combat experience in Iraq was all I needed to impress employers and potential clients.


    Thanks for showing me the way Brian. I’m just sorry my ego and ‘experience’ kept me from enrolling earlier.

  27. Thank You Mr.Brian Allen for the Executive Protection Course and for holding the Professional Standard high for the Security Industry. Jeremy De Los Santos

  28. Best courses I’ve taken. IST courses gave me what I needed to get my business up and running. The other courses were just a bunch of fun shooting but only trained me how to kill terrorists overseas. Now I know why I wasn’t getting hired. I owe my new clients and jobs to IST. Thanks Brian!

  29. Thank you for welcoming me to your school. The class was all that I expect. I’m a full time Deputy Sheriff with the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office in Florida. I’m currently assigned to a Street Crimes Unit and I been assigned with all the night clubs in my area, because of my background in security. I also owned and operate a private agency so this course come handy. I been working in the security field for 17 years. Very informative and I will recommend the course to all my employees and friends in the security industry. One again thank you.
    PS. Keep sending your on line seminars they are very informative.

  30. I have been working in the security field for nine years. I took three classes and they were all very informative. Whether you are new to security or are a veteran I highly recommend these classes.



  31. Glad I didn’t listen!!! My college advisor told me not to take private seminar courses online because they weren’t accredited and/or transferable. Then I found IST and signed up for the Free Security Education program.

    Once I saw Mr. Allen’s consistency and real-word style, I knew this was a quality place to further my education.

    So far I’ve completed the Nightclub Security & Executive Protection courses. I plan on doing the others as well.

    The info I learned and put into use has brought me clients and a promotion at my full time job. So, I say – TAKE THESE COURSES. Even though my college didn’t accept or transfer credits or call these ‘accredited’, it didn’t matter! These courses made me MONEY.


    Just my two cents!


    • Thank you for the comment Jeff! Also, I received you email and will send those items in 15 minutes or less.



  33. All email that I received specially those list,information regarding protecting your client are very important to remember. Thank you very much for your generous effort in helping our brother and sister in profession us a protection agent.
    God bless and take care.

  34. I just completed the EP and Security Management courses. I found both courses to full of very useful information. The EP course is outstanding, it can only help you become better EP agent. I highly reccommend this course to anyone interested in this field.

  35. To Whom It My Concern

    I did with joy the information is given to us free by you is very good and makes sense.

    Thank You

  36. I am in the process of graduating from every course offered through International Security Training.

    Each and every course has provided me with different but extremely valuable theoretical concepts that I have been able to apply successfully to all my current Security Management roles.

    At the same time, these professional overtures have served as important pieces of further educational, personal and professional enrichment as I aspire to develop a resume that will be attractive for employment in the Executive Protection field.

    Mr. Allen’s knowledge and accessibility have been a feature throughout this program and he has assisted me while I am on the pathway to achieving my dreams.

  37. What can I say? The course was awesome. I was plenty big & plenty strong but I was not at all a PROFESSIONAL. These courses are worth 10 times the amount I paid and Brian is a true role model.

    Thanks again IST!

  38. I’m SO happy I completed two of the IST courses. I took the EP course and the Casino Security course.

    I thought I knew enough about security because of my experience an a Military Police Officer. I was very wrong. I can promise you that the information I learned in these two courses are the sole reason I was hired in my current position.

    I was competing against an Air Force SP for the job. I later learned from my new supervisor that the other guy only knew military security, but I had a well rounded understanding of the entire industry.

    I can’t wait to take the other courses!

    A. Eddington

  39. I’ve completed the Executive Protection course and the Nightclub Security course. I’m so happy with the knowledge these courses contained. I spent almost $700 on a two-day Exec Protection course with ASIS, and the Instructors seemed more concerned with showing pictures of WMD’s and terrorist attacks than showing us how to begin a career and make money!

    Mr. Allen’s EP course showed me not only the basics of EP work but also how to market my business and write contracts. The nightclub security course was a true eye opener is behaving like a professional and avoiding legal problems for myself.

    I highly recommend these courses to anyone who wants to work on their own and operate a professional protection business.

    Sean Dummer

  40. I was enrolled in the Special Operations course designed for private the sector. The way the course was broken down into bite sized modules made the learning fun and effective. The e-learning process fit my schedule perfectly. The course information was clear and concise. It gave me the ability to use the information immediately. The quality of the material was superb! In my opinion, the International Security Training programs designed by Brian Allen will give you the edge that’s hard to find in most online courses. Plus, he gives you feedback and information from someone who is working in the industry! I would recommend that anyone interested in the field of Security or a working professional take one of Brian’s courses, the tuition is very affordable.
    Lonnie Muhammad, CPP
    Security Specialist and Trainer

  41. I took the Executive Protection / Bodyguard course. I really liked the course it had a lot of great information. Mr. Brian Allen is the best. Any question that I had for him, he answered all of my question in a timely manner. He still answers all of my question too. I will be taking some other courses from International Security Training. Thanks for your time and understanding. Savon Luv

    • After talking to Savon Luv about your course…by the way good job Savon I will be taking the Executive/ Bodyguard course very soon. Bill Clason