Stalkers Still On The Rise | Bodyguard Training Executive Protection Course 2-16-2013

bodyguard executive protection nightclub security training courseMost of my civilian business revolves around Stalkers.  Even though there are an increasing amount of anti-stalking laws being passed, I’ve been VERY disappointed in the amount of assistance received by my clients from the authorities.  I’ve been told from friends in Law Enforcement that often times their hands are tied due to the fact that prosecutors won’t charge bad guys based on threats alone.  Often times an actual assault has to occur.

As a bodyguard, you’ll probably deal with a stalker case every so often.  It’s up to you to STUDY this type of threat.  Not only the bad guy… but the victim psychology as well.  Since many times you’ll be working these cases alone and actually at the victims residence, you’ll need to be very knowledgeable in your areas: Rights of Property Owners,  Trespass, Threatening & Intimidation and Anti-Stalking laws.

When looking at the types of stalker categories, focus on these three at first:

  1. Delusional Stalker
  2. Vengeful Stalker
  3. Intimate Partner Stalker

Research the motivations and behaviors of these three categories.  They are all different.  Mastering the motivations & behaviors of these bad guys will allow you to prevent a huge amount of assaults on your clients… without using force!


That’s all for this week.  Stay safe out there!

Brian K Allen, Director

International Security Training, LLC


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