South America Executive Protection Bodyguard VIP Security Service

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South America Executive Protection Bodyguard VIP Security Service — 4 Comments

  1. Grand Master Daniel Bustamante is today an 8th Dan in the ancient art of HwaRangDo. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1954, he began at the early age of 10 in the martial arts training. Within his more than 50 years of practice, he reached black belt in different disciplines. Always a sportsperson, with military experience in the anti guerrilla, he worked as a military consultant for Latin America. Thanks to his broad expertise and years of training, many of which 40 he spent teaching, he was recognized by multiple international organization as well as Grand Masters worldwide. He is currently the Coach at the Asociación Argentina de HwaRangDo, which was the foundation when introducing HwaRangDo in Argentina in the late 80’s (after being a direct student of the World HwaRangDo Association (Dr. Joo Bang Lee, Taejon Lee, Bong Gil Kim).Training for special forces, guards, bodyguards

    • Thank you for sharing your company Maurice! Can you please provide the contact information that a possible client or student would use to get in contact with you?

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