Shotgun Chokes and Patterns – Types & Definitions

I received an email last week asking me to explain the difference in shotgun chokes.  For that reason, I’m sharing the information one of my firearm instructors posted a while back.

When a shell is fired from a shotgun, the pellets leave the barrel and begin to spread. The farther the pellets travel, the greater the spread of shot. Shotgun barrels have a “choke” to control the spread or shot pattern.

The choke of a shotgun acts like the nozzle of a garden hose.  Picture this: as the nozzle is tightened, water shoots out in a long, narrow stream, similar to the full choke on a shotgun. As the nozzle is opened, similar to the cylinder choke on a shotgun, water shoots out in a wider spray.

The distance from the target determines the choke you need. The choke does not alter the shotgun’s power—it just controls how tight or spread out the shot pattern will be at a specific range.

The spread effect of the most common chokes is illustrated below. The choke controls how much shot will hit in a certain area at different ranges.

  • Cylinder choke is an unrestricted barrel. The shot pattern spreads quickly.
  • Improved Cylinder choke has a slight constriction. It allows the shot pattern to spread fairly quickly. This is a good choice for quail, rabbits, and other upland game.
  • Modified choke has moderate constriction. The shot stays together longer, making the pattern denser and more useful at longer ranges. This choke is used often for dove hunting and is the preferred choke when using steel shot to hunt for ducks or geese. There is also an Improved Modified choke that is slightly tighter than Modified.
  • Full choke has tight constriction. The shot holds together even longer, so it’s good for squirrels, turkey, and other game shot at 35- to 40-yard ranges. Turkey hunters sometimes use Extra Full or Turkey choke for even denser patterns at long range.

Here’s a graphic that helps to visualize the info above:

shotgun choke types patterns shell distance bodyguard executive protection course

Hope that helps!  Until next time, stay safe!

Brian K. Allen, Director

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