Service Connected – Line of Duty – Disabled Armed Forces Law Enforcement

If you are a serviced-connected disabled veteran of the US Armed Forces, or a ‘Line of Duty’ disabled L.E. veteran, you will receive a tuition discount rate of 30% off the normal tuition rates shown HERE.

Step One: Email us a scan of your decision letter, rating, line of duty, etc. disability documentation… along with your request for acceptance into this discount program.

Step Two: If approved, you’ll be emailed the discount coupon code so you can enroll.

Savings Examples:

(a) Any Of Our Industry Specific Courses:

Normal tuition: $237 Discounted tuition: $166 (Save $71)

(b) Security Supervisor:

Normal tuition: $349 Discounted tuition: $245 (Save $104)

(c) Security Management:

Normal tuition: $479 Discounted tuition: $335 (Save $144)

(d) Security Director:

Normal tuition: $679 Discounted tuition: $475 (Save $204)

Step Three: From there on, everything will proceed as outlined HERE.