School, College, and University Security Specialist

school campus security active shooterWith the increase of violent incidents on school campuses around the world, it’s necessary to ensure school leadership and security staff are educated on the recognition of precursors, as well as the prevention aspects, of violence. (Click Here To See How Our Courses Work)

Far too many schools just train in active shooters drills.  These drills only help us respond to an imminent threat.  While that’s important, it’s more important to know how to recognize potential aggressors, conduct probability assessments on potential attacks, and ‘harden the target’ so that if a violent offender does attempt to get inside a school… they’re recognized and prevented from harming students.

Course Agenda

(1) Introduction To Campus Security & Statistics

(2) Physical Security 101

(3) Myths Related To School Security

(4) Bullying & Cyber Bullying

(5) Drugs, Weapons, and Gangs

(6) Anticipation Of & Responding To Campus Shootings

(7) Sexual Assaults

(8) Federal Legislation & Which Schools It Applies To

… and more!

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