Schedule A Call With Our Director

Since we’re incredibly busy teaching live courses, we want to ensure you’re able to speak to someone if you have a question that isn’t included on our FAQ page, here.

We’ve included the FAQ page first, to be 100% transparent with our students… and secondly as a gauge to see if our prospective students will take the time to read them & see if they can pay attention to detail.  If a prospective student calls us and begins asking questions that are on the FAQ page – it’s normally a sign that they won’t do well in an online course.

In addition, if you do need to speak to a live person – we want to eliminate the chance of you going to voicemail.  Because your time is important to us, we’ve implemented a call scheduling service.  Click the button below to schedule your phone call or Skype video call.

Unfortunately, our phone schedule is booked solid.  We apologize for the inconvenience.