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These tips for college students are hopefully not new to you or your students… but they need to be reviewed.  Unfortunately, my clients hire me AFTER they’ve been attacked (in most cases).  The same thing goes for the students that attend my FREE crime & rape avoidance seminars / one-on-one meetings.

Remember, most attackers are people the victim already new in some way.  Close friend… or maybe just an acquaintance.  This is important because all the self-defense skills, pepper spray & stun guns in the world won’t be of much use to a victim once they let their guard down… relax… and ‘think’ that they people they’re with are trust worthy.

(1) Tour the campus during the day to familiarize yourself with the facilities and the locations of emergency phones.  Also, tour the campus at night so that you know how things looks in the dark and what areas are lighted, etc.

(2) Tell a friend or roommate where you’re going before heading out and also what time you’ll be back.  It’s also a good idea to tell them you’ll check-in with them via cell/text at a certain time.

(3) Report suspicious people or vehicles to campus security.  Trust your gut on this.  Don’t talk yourself out of calling in a tip because you (a) don’t want people to think you’re paranoid (b) don’t want to get someone in trouble (c) don’t want to feel bad about ‘profiling’ (d) etc.

(4) Avoid walking alone on campus, especially at night. If you don’t have someone with you, call security and request an escort.

(5) Travel along well-lit paths around campus rather than taking shortcuts through side streets and alleyways.

(6) Be alert to your surroundings. Remove your headphones and don’t walk around talking on your phone… oblivious to your surroundings.  As far as the headphones… many women leave them in because they don’t want to be talked to by creepy guys.  Ok – I get that.  Just don’t have any music playing, ok?  I want you to be able to hear someone approaching you from behind or the side.

(7) Keep your keys out when walking to your vehicle, dorm or apartment.  Keep them in your hands ready to use as a weapon.  Remember – don’t just scratch at an attackers eyes.  If you’re defending yourself, you need to gouge the shit out of his eyes until he is immobilized.

(8) Purchase pepper spray and a whistle to attach to your key chain or store in your purse.

(9) Lock all doors and windows when you’re sleeping or when away from your dorm room.

(10) Never invite strangers into your apartment or residence hall.

(11) Only drink if you’re of legal age, and do so responsibly. Pour your own beverages, keep track of your glass and arrange for a designated driver or taxi to take you home.

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