Physical Security Specialist | Online Certification


Physical Security Specialist’s are a very in-demand group in the security, military & law enforcement arenas. With the ever increasing tools & technology the industry has, a specialist in this field needs a system for “hardening the target”.  If you’re ready to learn more about this exciting arena, you’ve found the right place! (Click Here To See How Our Courses Work)

If you’re willing to study the subject of physical security at a professional level, you’ll be light years ahead of your competition when interviewing for jobs or seeking a promotion.

Our course covers:

1. Security Concepts

2. Physical Security Fundamentals

3. Physical Security Countermeasures

4. Signs & Emergency Telephones

5. Duress alarms

6. Key Controls Systems

7. Protective barriers & lighting

8. Intrusion Detection Systems

9. Access Control & Surveillance Systems

10. Active Shooter Incidents

… and much more!

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(2) Physical Security Specialist – $237 US