Nightclub Bouncer Course Online

Step #1 – Get TRAINED! Online courses at work great for former military, law enforcement, or security personal with work experience. For the beginner, spending a couple hundred dollars there will save a person a ton of time and money!  Don’t invest thousands in a Nightclub Security / Bouncer program until you have basic knowledge. gives you that knowledge!

Step #2 – Position yourself correctly!  Accept entry-level positions (parking lot security, doorman) with smaller clubs.  Work your way up.  Ensure your HR file has your certificates.

Step #3 – Be quiet and low key. Some clubs are good employers, others are involved with illegal activities.  Be relaxed and don’t brag about your time here or your experience there.  Your resume should be stacked… your personality should be humble.

Step #4 – Maintain a positive / helpful attitude. Arrogance & impatience will hurt you faster than almost anything.

Step #5 – If you decide to quit because management / bouncers are involved with questionable activites… just say you were offered another position, etc.  Don’t cause friction or escalate the situation.

Until next time!

– Brian

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