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The membership program is perfect for two types of people.  First, people who want the knowledge but don’t need the certificates.  Second, students of ours who decide that in addition to the course-work they’ve completed… they want additional video based learning to refresh and hone their skills with. Our goal is to provide our highest level membership available… at an annual cost that is lower that just one of our online certification courses.

Every member will have their own login… their own ability to change their password whenever they want… the ability to cancel their membership via email and will never have to worry about an automatic charge for next years billing!  This allows the member to handle things… the way they want.  We’ll also email members 1 week prior to their membership expiring.  This gives the member time to ensure the funds are present and resubscribe, ONLY if they want to!  Respect is how we run things.  The only thing we want to tell prospective members upfront – is that there are no refunds of previously paid membership fees.  This protects us and our digital education material.

After paying for your membership, the system will generate a profile and credentials that are just for you.  You’ll receive a welcome email along with your credentials within 24 hours of making your payment.

Review the three levels below.  If you decide you want in… join as soon as you can!

Enlisted Forces Level: 1 enlisted forces

$94.00 Per Year (US Funds)

Members Receive 24hr Access to:

1. Executive Protection Video Modules

2. Locks & Control Holds Video Modules

3. Verbal De-Escalation Video Modules


The NCO Corps Level2 nco corps

$154.00 Per Year (US Funds)


Members Receive 24hr Access to:

* All Enlisted Forces Member Benefits, Plus:

4. Nightclub Security / Bouncer Video Modules

5. Basic Instructor Course Video Modules

6. Campus Security Video Modules


Spec Ops Group3 spec ops

$194.00 Per Year (US Funds)


Members Receive 24hr Access to:

* All Enlisted Forces & NCO Corps Member Benefits, Plus:

7. Security Supervisor Video Modules

8. Security Management Video Modules

9. Self Preservation Combatives (No rules… just survive) Video Modules