Sole Representation In YOUR Area!

Companies / People Wishing To Lock Out Their State And Be Our Sole Representative

Cost: $5,250 US Funds Every 2 Years                      (Payment Plan Available) international security training

Details: Become a licensee with the added security of knowing that you’ll be the ONLY entity in your State (or Country if outside the USA) with our official company/agency course licensee rights. 2016 Sole Rep Certificate - Blank

You’ll Receive:

(1) A Sole-Representative license / letter of authorization – suitable for framing.
(2) A page on our website for your company.
(3) A direct link to your official website with your logo on the page mentioned above.
(4) A video posted on YouTube, introducing your company as a licensed instructor with us.
(5) Weekly social media and/or blog marketing posts that are tagged specifically for your area of operation.
(6) The added confidence (and marketable statement) that you’re the ONLY rep we have in your area!

Note: This is completely separate from the Company Accreditation process.

Additional Information:                                           (Payment Plan Available)

We are a small company but have a great reputation. In order to keep this, we may conduct background investigations when deciding to work with companies in the above manners.  We may also ask uncomfortable questions about legal or media situations. If we do, please do not feel offended.  No offense is intended, we just never want to be caught off guard.  Also, we are an INTERNATIONAL company.  We have friends & partners of all races, religions, national origins, etc.  We fight VIOLENT EXTREMISM in our industry and don’t condone discriminatory acts / behaviors based on a person or companies race, religion, national origins etc. Please help us in this path.

Email with any questions!