Licensee Development Overview

Your FREE Bonus Program

     If you become an Instructor Licensee of ours, this development program will improve your probability of success immensely. You see, most of our Licensee’s are experience in professional security, law enforcement, corrections, and military career fields.  What they don’t know how to do, is MARKET and BUILD a small business.

     Many have weekends free and that’s when they want to teach… but they don’t know how to get the work out, in a professional manner.  Now, the program pages are password protected but here is a screenshot of the main menu. (Top = smart phone view; Bottom = desktop view)

As you study each area of this Instructor Licensee Developmental Program, you’re likely to find topics that you won’t feel apply to you or your specific business.  During those moments, the best questions you can ask yourself are:

(1) How could I adjust this knowledge or method… so that I improve my business with it.


(2) Is it possible that I may have to mentor one of my employees in this topic, one day? If so, I’ll study it now.


This program alone, is valued at over $2,750 – but is yours FREE, if you become an Instructor Licensee.