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People Wishing To Teach Our Courses LIVE (Request More Info Below)

Whether You’re A Business Owner That Trains Students In Security / Firearm Related Topics Or If You’re Just Trying To Beef Up Your Resume / C.V. – This Opportunity Is For You!

Cost: $1,750 US Funds Every 2 Years                          (Payment Plan Available)

international security training

Details: You would be able to teach any of the courses we offer live and in-person. You’ll never have to pay us a per student % or fee. The 2-year fee is all that will be due.  (Delivering of our courses ONLINE by licensees, isn’t permitted.)

We will give you access to the IST Vault, which contains the Powerpoints or Course Manuals Instructor Licensee Cert(whichever is applicable), Test Questions & Answers, PPT Certificate Blank file (for you to enter in your student names & print), and course updates as well.  You may edit / translate the course documents when needed, for your classes.

In addition, you’ll receive:

(1) License / letter of authorization – suitable for framing.
(2) If desired, a page on our website for your company.
(3) If desired, a direct link to your official website with your logo on the page mentioned above.
(4) If desired, a video posted on YouTube, introducing your company as a licensed instructor with us.

FREE Bonus!  Access to the Licensee Business Development program. (This is for YOU, not your students.) This program contains more than 15 training modules that teach you the proper techniques of Winning Mindset, Financial Discipline, and Marketing Tactics… for your business.

Note: The Instructor Licensee program, is completely separate from the Company Accreditation process.

If you need to lock-out your competition, you can apply to be our SOLE REPRESENTATIVE Instructor Licensee, in your State. Click here for more information.