Instructor Licensee Payment Plan

How It Works:                                        (Back To Licensee Page)

In order to help Instructor Licensee’s begin the process a little faster, we offer a 10 installment payment plan. here’s how the plan works:

(1) Licensee pays the first installment. Instructor Licensee Cert

* IST creates a licensee file and issues an official licensee number to the new instructor.

(2) Licensee makes 2nd installment payment.

* IST emails the instructor our Train the Trainer | Professional Instructor course materials for their review & study. (No exam process / certificate)

(3) 3rd Installment payment as finances permit.

(4) 4th Installment payment as finances permit.

* IST provides access to the Licensee Business Development Program

(5) Upon receipt of the 5th installment payment, IST mails the licensee their official Letter of Authorization / Full Color Certificate.

(6) 6th Installment payment as finances permit.

(7) Upon receipt of 7th installment payment, IST emails the licensee the student courseware for our Director of Security course, for their review & study. (No exam process / certificate.)

(8) 8th Installment payment as finances permit.

(9) 9th Installment payment as finances permit.

(10) Upon receipt of the 10th and final payment, IST provides the licensee access to the IST Course Vault which contains all of the manuals and/or powerpoints for the live courses.

NOTES:                                                         (Back To Licensee Page)

(1) Licensee’s joining under this Payment Plan are encouraged to pay all 10 installments within 12 months.  If they fail to do so, they may be subject to any fee increases that occur. So – stay focused and pay your Licensee Fee’s as quickly as you can and SAVE your receipts! 

(2) We DO NOT auto bill. You will have to visit this page and manually make your payments… as your finances permit.

(3) There are no refunds. This payment plan is a convenience we’re happy to offer so we want you to stay dedicated to your goals… you career / business… and this Licensee Opportunity. 

Pay Each Of Your Installments Using The Button Below:  (Back To Licensee Page)

Instructor Licensee Fee – single payment of: $175 – US Funds


If you want to make multiple payments, you may change the “Qty” after clicking the button above.