Instructor Licensee Discounted Tuition Rates

If you actually need a certification from us, you’d need to enroll in our online course. Just don’t pay full price. Instructor Licensee’s always get 50% off any of our online tuition rates.

Before enrolling or spending more money, really think about whether or not you need that certification with my signature as the certifying instructor. Here’s how I look at these situations:

For Enhancing Your Training Business Business

You probably won’t need to enroll in any of our online courses. Just use your L.O.A. certificate on your website, in your brochures, etc. when marketing to potential students.

For Enhancing Your Resume In Job Hunting

For this situation, having a certificate from us may improve your chances of getting hired… even more so than the L.O.A. certificate. Some employers like to see that you’re ‘certified’ as opposed to being an instructor.

So, since you have the full course materials already… put some thought to the above before investing more money.

Discount Payment Buttons Are Below: 

$339 – Director Of Security (normally $679)


$239 – Security Management (normally $479)


$174 – Security Supervisor (normally $349)


$118 – Industry Specific Security Courses (normally $237)