How To Become A Private Investigator In Fort Hancock, Texas

People interested in becoming a private investigator should check with their state’s licensing authority to find out what is required to work as an investigator in their state.  Are you interested?  If so, a number of online courses and training, like ours here at International Security Training, LLC… as well as college-level certification programs can help you gain the necessary skills to work as a private investigator. You can also contact your state’s private investigator association to find out how to become an investigator.

The main thing is to obtain the most affordable education at first.  Why?  Because most people initially interested in the field, end up losing interest after they learn everything (the realities) involved.  The movie and entertainment industry can be very misleading.


You can select a specialty if desired or you can offer multiple services. The most common investigative services include civil investigations and background checks. Exciting? No. Necessary for consistent profit? Yes!

I recommend you join your state private investigators association.  Be humble and quiet.  Your goal isn’t to impress the members or “hang out” with them.  Remember, they’re your competition!  Learn the universal fundamentals of public and private records research, basic backgrounds and skip tracing, and communications (i.e. report writing).  Study “the business” side of the industry.

Feel free to request our free module for our Private Investigator course, if interested in learning more!

Brian K. Allen, Director

International Security Training, LLC

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