How To Become A Bounty Hunter In Babylon, New York

Bounty Hunting is official known as bail enforcement or fugitive recovery.  Some states allow it… others don’t.  States that don’t allow it will often have “bail runners” that are full time employees of the bond company… who perform the task.

1. So, research your state’s regulations!

The bail enforcement agent has to comply with any rules within his or her state, and these vary considerably. We cover these things in our online course, but to summarize – some states require licensing, specific coursework, and insurance.

2. Complete training or gain relevant experience in the field.

The bounty hunter must be trained in methods of returning the defendant, that skipped out on a court date. This can involve practical experience gained in law enforcement, military, classroom training in some facet of criminal justice, peace officer training, or working as a private investigator.

Remember, some states require training and others leave it to the individual. Fugitive Recovery can be a dangerous profession.  Adequate training, even if not legally required, is highly recommended for anyone considering this as a career.

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Brian K. Allen, Director

International Security Training, LLC

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