How To Become A Bodyguard In Laurel, New York

Bodyguards, officially known as “Executive Protection Agents”, are trained to perform the highest levels of security. They are trained in the areas of Advanced Weapons Disarming, Anti-Ambush Procedures, Anti-Terrorism, and even Criminal Psychology.  (The latter is used in Immediate Psychological assessment to determine whether an approaching person is going to be a threat or not, to a client.)  These professionals are trained to deal with, any and all, security situations.

The skillsets listed above are actually, secondary, of importance to a professional bodyguard.  The primary and most important skill sets are (1) Awareness, (2) Anticipation, and (3) Avoidance of any negative incident in relation to their client.

Anyone interested in becoming an Executive Protection Agent, should do two things:

(1) Obtain career specific knowledge & education. These courses cost an average of $300 – $500.

Step one normally filters out those people who didn’t realize that the career is actually more of a thinking persons game.  Gunplay, fighting, and action are just not the reality 95% of the time.

(2) After completing step one, if still interested in the career, obtain physical training specific to the career. These courses cost an average of $3,500 – $5,200.

Step two is generally more fun than step one… but step one is the most important.  Too many people who are great shooters and fighters, wash-out of the career because they don’t have or don’t use the soft skills obtained in step one.

Feel free to request our free module for our Executive Protection course, if interested in learning more!

Brian K. Allen, Director

International Security Training, LLC

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