How To Become A Bodyguard | Executive Protection Course | Online Training Certification |4-22-2015

Step #1 – Get TRAINED! Online courses work great for former military, law enforcement, or security personal with work experience.

Step #2 – Position yourself correctly!  Accept entry-level security positions with growing companies / agencies.  Work your way up.  Ensure your HR file has your certificates.

Step #3 – Be cool with the fact that most employers will require you to go thru their training program. This is for legal & liability reasons.  Don’t complain about it.  Be relaxed and don’t brag about your time here or your experience there.  Your resume should be stacked… your personality should be humble.

Step #4 – Maintain a positive / helpful attitude. Arrogance & impatience will hurt you faster than almost anything.

Until next time!

– Brian

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