How Course Enrollment & Completion Process Works

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With so many of our students on Military deployment and/or living overseas where their internet connection is weak or intermittent… we had to create a system where the student doesn’t have to login to our website and be “online” the entire time they study.  Here’s how the system works:

(1) Student pays tuition HERE.

(2) IST emails student the “Step One” email. This clarifies students enrollment and preferred information for their student file.

(3) IST emails new student his/her student # and welcome email, within one business day of receiving the tuition pmt.

(4) IST emails student their student manual (.pdf format), shortly after sending the welcome email above.

Director of Security students receive 1 short manual, per day, for 5 days.

(5) Student studies manual for 2 days.

Two days are required because the online courses are rated at 16hr courses at a min. 40hrs for the Director of Security course.

(6) IST emails student the exam, approx two business days after sending the manual.

The exam is open book & self paced.  Relax and take your time.

(7) Student replies to the exam email and types in answers under the specific question.

(8) IST grades exam and send results to student, within one business day of receiving the students exam responses. If student has enrolled in more than one course, the next course will be sent after the current course exam has been graded & passed.

(9) IST requests exact name student wants printed on certificate.

(10) IST eMails a full color scan (front & back) of the students signed & embossed certificate, within one business day of receiving the info requested in above step.

(11) Optional – If desired, student may pay a shipping & handling fee specific to their location, and have the hard-copy mailed to them via registered, certified & insured mail.

* Tuition is non-refundable. So, ensure you complete your course and do well on the exam! 🙂

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