Online Courses ARE Valid And Accepted

Two of the most asked questions relating to the validity on online education in protection work…

(1) Doesn’t training in this line of work normally include practical unarmed combat and firearms instruction?

Answer: Resident schools do… seminars & academic courses don’t.  Resident schools cost thousands while seminars & academic courses normally cost $200 – $650.

(2) Won’t potential clients opt for security detail who’s had hands-on training?

Answer: It depends. Protection agents are hired based off calm demeanor, education, good attitude, experience, and professional appearance. Whoever scores the highest when all of those are averaged out, normally gets the job. Most professions follow the Education first… then Apply for work philosophy.
That’s the way we’ve structured the program.  A criminal justice degree may not make a person a police officer but it sure does show the hiring board which of their applicants is more prepared for the Academy and who takes their profession seriously.
The great thing about this course is that it provides the student the knowledge and vocabulary while teaching the attitude and demeanor needed to present themselves as a professional.  Many people who’ve been bodyguards or bouncers (hired because they knew someone) end up getting fired because they’ve never been trained.
Our students typically are at one of the points in their careers:
(a) New to the industry… taking this as their foundational course
(b) Seasoned military / law enforcement / bodyguards… taking this as a refresher course.