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Our Free Items

(1) Where’s my free module / eBook / security program module?

Our FREE modules, eBook’s, etc. are all delivered using a 24 hour server and auto-responder system. If you haven’t received an item that you requested via a form on our website, please email us at and let us know what you’re still waiting for.  We’ll assist you asap!

Delays like this happen about 5% of the time.  The reason normally is (1) you didn’t confirm your request via email or (2) security filters between your email program and our software not getting along. 🙂

Since our paid-courses are handled by actual instructors… this problem has never been an issue with our paid-enrollment students.

* Hotmail Users: Consider using Yahoo or gMail for your email addresses.  Many students have reported their Hotmail accounts not sending or receiving emails from us at IST, military ako accounts, and email accounts.  The problem appears to be with Hotmail itself.

About Online Distance Learning

(2) What is an online distance learning course?

Online distance learning courses are also known as online home study or online correspondence courses. Rather than having to attend classes, you study independently at home, at a time and pace that is convenient to you. All of the educational materials for the field of study you choose are delivered directly to your email. Since you are studying at your own pace, you can complete a course in as little as six days, or if you prefer, take much longer to earn your career diploma.

(3) Is online distance education something new?

Continuing education through distance learning programs has existed for more than 100 years. More educational institutions are realizing the benefits of correspondence courses and offering home study programs as a viable alternative to the conventional classroom setting. An International Security Training online distance learning course is one of the most convenient ways for you to train for a career.

(4) What are the benefits of an International Security Training online distance learning course?

An increasing number of people are looking to online home study courses as a practical way to:

– Upgrade existing skills or learn new skills

– Start a new career or work toward a promotion

– Improve earning potential

– Get a better job

– Increase self-esteem and confidence

(5) What types of students enroll in International Security Training’s online distance learning courses?

Most of our students are serious, career-minded individuals who have come to realize the true value of marketable skills in today’s increasingly demanding work force. Many of our students have families and demanding schedules – both of which conflict with the rigid scheduling of classes in conventional school settings. For these students, an online distance learning course offers the most logical way in which to train for a career. In fact, many of our students’ enroll in our online home study courses based on the recommendation of other students and graduates.

(6) Are you accredited?

Yes. Click HERE to view our company profile page.  There is a link to our current accreditation letter, business license, current corporate standing, Better Business Bureau info, etc.

Enrolling in a Course

(7) How do I enroll/pay tuition?

You have six options. Click HERE for payment methods.

(8) What language will my course manual & exam be written in?


(9) How soon will I get my course manual?

International Security Training will email your course link & password, within one business day of processing your enrollment.

(10) Are there any educational requirements to enroll in an International Security Training online distance learning course?

No. International Security Training’s courses are specifically designed to benefit everybody, regardless of your educational background. All we require is a desire to learn and a willingness to succeed as a professional in your field of study.

(11) Are there any age requirements to enroll in an International Security Training online distance learning course?

Persons under the age of 18 must obtain the written signature of a parent or legal guardian in order to enroll in our courses. If you would like more information, please email our Admissions Department at .

(12) Is there a deadline for enrollment?

No, you can enroll in an International Security Training online distance learning course at any time.

(13) Can I enroll in more than one course at a time?

Yes, however the courses will be sent to you one at a time. After you complete the exam for your first course, your second course manual will be sent to you… and so on.

The reason is that each course is rated at 16 or 40 clock hours… as if in an actual classroom.  Just like a student couldn’t be in two classroom’s simultaneously… they can’t be studying two of ours at the same time.

Completing Your Studies

(14) How does taking a course with International Security Training work?

Click HERE for a complete checklist!

(15) How long do I have to complete my course?

Most of our courses are designed to be completed within a week… and are rated at 16 clock hours. Most students are employed full time and that is why the courses are self-paced… no time limit unless noted on the specific course webpage.

(16) Will I be forced to study on a fixed schedule?

No. International Security Training realizes that all students are unique – each with different responsibilities, interests, and goals. Students are encouraged to work at their own individual pace in order to get the maximum benefit from their course. You may progress through your course as quickly or slowly as your schedule permits.

(17) How do I submit exams?

Via email.

(18) What is a passing grade?

80% or higher | Two exam re-takes are allowed, using a curved grade when passing.  For example, if a student fails the first attempt and then passes the second attempt with a 100%… the score will be adjusted to an 80%.

(19) Do I need a computer to complete my course?

Yes, or a smart phone / tablet that can read .pdf files.

(20) Can International Security Training’s courses really prepare me for a new career as a professional in my field of study?

The answer is an emphatic “Yes!” In fact, thousands of people enroll in home study courses every day. Our courses give you the chance to learn essential skills when and where it is most convenient to you — without your studies interfering with your current job or personal life.

(21) Would I be able to obtain credits for my course at a local college/university?

In most cases, no. Every college and university has its own admissions policy regarding the granting of credits. You would have to contact the school that you are interested in applying to for that information. Most schools that grant credit for our courses do so by classifying them as “life experience credits”.

(22) Does __________ company or __________ agency recognize certificates from International Security Training?

You’ll have to ask the company or agency yourself.  Being an International vocational training company, it would be impossible for us to track that information.

(23) After completing my course, can I use my certificate for licensing purposes?

No. Our courses are professional development / vocational courses.

(24) What’s the difference between your course and _________’s course(s)?

That answer we leave up to YOU to determine. Write down the cost of tuition for both courses, their online or in-person type, and their table of contents / agenda. Once you have that info side-by-side, you’ll know the difference between the two!

(25) Why should I take one of these courses of it doesn’t license me in my area?

To stand out! Everyone in your area will have the same license, guard card, or bond… in order to be legal.  You want to HAVE MORE education than they have.  You want to have a better looking resume, more knowledge, and a more professional vocabulary that the other people applying for the job / contract that you want.

(26) Will IST put the number of hours on my certificate?

Only if you ASK us to. So, after enrolling – be sure to email us and let us know you’ll need that done.

(27) For your online courses, does the word “ONLINE” appear on the certificate?

No, never.

(28) Can my company name be printed on my course completion certificate?

No. Only a student’s first, middle, last name, and rank may be used.

Tuition & Payment

(29) How much is the tuition?

Most courses are $237 US. Our Director of Security course is $679 US… Security Mgt course is $479 US… and the Security Supervisor course is $349 US.

(30) What does my tuition fee include?

As a student with International Security Training, your tuition fee includes everything you will need to successfully graduate including:

– Course manual (With download rights! Keep your manual forever!)

– Exams (Two free make-up exams if needed)

– Personalized career diploma (After passing exam.)

(31) What methods of payment do you accept?

International Security Training LLC accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover), Paypal, and Western Union. You can pay online via this website, or download a tuition payment form, and submit that.  For security & tracking reasons, we do not accept payments over the phone. Click HERE for more details.

(32) Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. Click HERE for more information.

(33) Do I have to pay the shipping & handling if I only want my certificate scanned & emailed to me?

No, shipping & handling is optional.  Click here for more information

(34) Tuition is non-refundable so take your time. 

Two exam retakes are allowed.  Cheating is grounds for dismissal from your course without a refund or test retake.  If a student fails the initial and two free exam retakes, additional exams may be taken for $47.00 US funds.

(35) Can I call and get more course information? 

For accreditation & documentation purposes, all communication has to be in writing, via email. This policy is in place so that there is never any confusion or misunderstanding between IST and students.