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          One of our main goals at International Security Training, LLC is to provide extreme value to ANYONE who visits our website – whether they enroll in a course or not.  We hope we’ve done that by providing free information that can save lives, reduce the magnitude of injures, accelerate career progression or any combination of those things. Please review and apply the information below as appropriate to your situation and environment.

(1) FREE 15 Day Security Education Program

(2) FREE Fitness & Strength eBook

(3) FREE Overseas Security While Traveling eBook

(4) FREE Introduction Modules On Each Course Page

(5) FREE Security Manager & Director Video Tips

(6) FREE Executive Protection Video Tips

(7) FREE Nightclub Security / Bouncer Video Tips

(8) FREE Combatives Video Tips

(9) Anti-Bullying eBook

(10) Child Safety At HOME eBook

(11) Child Safety In PUBLIC eBook

(*) Martial Artists – Click the link below, and scroll down to the bottom on the page. Then click on the link “Ps. Click HERE For Our FREE Grandmaster eCourse!”.

(**) Powerlifters & Weightlifters – Click the link below, and enroll in the FREE Muscle Growth & Strength course!

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