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Most bullies are very careful thinkers and are sensitive to those around them as they are usually able to identify the most likely and suitable target, before making their move.

They usually pick on individuals who lack assertiveness and radiate a clear aura of fear and uncertainty that immediately presents the ideal picture of being a target.

A good percentage of bullies eventually evolve into fairly normal grownups but yet they are still very much capable of being assertive when the occasion calls for such a display.

However, there are the odd few who tend to take things too far and even as adults are unable to act and rationalize things in a civil manner, thus becoming a nuisance and a threat to society at large.

This is even more of a problem for those within close circles of the bully, who have not grown up.

Don’t waste time & effort trying to figure out and/or explain to your child WHY the bully that’s picking on them, behaves this way. It won’t help your child’s safety knowing that the bully is abused at home, insecure for some reason, or has a mental disorder. Let others worry about that, your job is to inform your kids of the risk, teach them how to detect, manage and diffuse the threat. If all else fails, your kids need to know how to physically defend themselves.

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