Free 15 Day Security Education Program

Welcome to our FREE 15 day security education program! As a current provider of security services, it’s always amazed me how so many “resume qualified” people cannot articulate the basics of our industry in simple terms. You see, there are A LOT of variables to consider but they can be explained and managed by anyone with the right training, experience & personality.

Our goal for this 15 day course is two-fold. First, to give you a nice foundation of security knowledge ranging from executive protection to casino security to de-escalation to security management and MORE! Second is to build a relationship with prospective students. Our courses are designed to do one thing – enhance your professionalism & vocabulary in the eyes of a prospective security client / employer. We’re not a college credit hour granting institution, so we don’t care what “academia” has to say. We don’t care about what other high-dollar schools say because frankly, they over charge most of the time and focus 90% on shooting skills that you’ll probably NEVER have to use in your civilian bodyguard career.

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