Fitness & Strength Training

While working in executive protection, a team leader often times has to choose which agent to place in a certain position.  If they have a celebrity client who will be walking the red carpet… it’s always nice to have a very large, very visible bodyguard.  For political clients, ceo’s, etc… they tend to need average sized bodyguards… well armed… who can “blend” in and go undetected.

That being the case, whether you’re a large person or average sized person… you NEED to be strong, athletic and be able to fight if need be.  Never assume that just because an agent is BIG… that they’re strong and can fight.  Never assume because someone is small… that they can’t.

I you’re a team leader or in security management, ensure all of your staff TRAIN CONSISTENTLY.  Don’t let them ride on “what they used to do or be”.  It’s who they are TODAY and how they train TODAY that matters.

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