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3 reports

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The 3 short bonus reports below are provided to our Executive Protection students at no-charge.  However, if you’re unable to afford the cost of tuition or you’ve already attended training elsewhere and would like to have these reports… you may purchase them for an incredibly affordable price of only $47.00 US Funds. <- Buy Here

These bonus reports are simplified with no extra fluff info.  If you’re in business as a bodyguard then you MUST have this information!  Here are what you’ll find in the bonus reports:

Report # 1 – Contract Essentials

  1. Learn the 8 mandatory sections your contracts should always contain and the specific verbiage for each section.

Report # 2 – How To Find Clients

  1. Learn the two main options for earning a living in Executive Protection
  2. Learn the 5 key tasks you’ll need to complete in order to appear like a true professional to potential clients. (It doesn’t matter what other EP Agents think… stop trying to impress them or gain their acceptance!)
  3. How much should you charge?
  4. One of the BEST tactics for getting your name out to people who can actually AFFORD your fees and how to build this marketing list.

Report # 3 – Licensing Considerations

  1. Will you need a license or not?
  2. How your client / employer classifies you may determine the answer!
  3. Thoughts about concealed weapons permits.
  4. Where to get a business license.

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