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(1) Executive Protection Reports

Only $47 US (Free For EP Students)3 reports

(1) Contract Essentials

(2) How To Find Clients      Currently on sale – only $37 US

(3) Licensing Considerations

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(2) Mastering The Job Search! – 29 pages job search mastering

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Define your goals

Preparing for the interview

Navigating the job description

Applying for remote / online jobs & much more!

(3) Gaining The Mental Edge For True Warriors – 32 pages

Only $25 US (plus the MMA eBook below – for FREE!)trans new mental edge

Alpha Body Language -How To Get It
Anchoring – Secret To Self Confidence
How To Handle Rejection
Difference Between Self-Confidence & Arrogance
Advantages of Self-Confidence
Ten Tips To Increase Self-Confidence
Managing Anxieties, Self Esteem, & Self Confidence
Anger Mgt – Stay Calm & Not Lose Your Cool
Regain Your Lost Self-Confidence
How To Deliver A Successful Public Speech
Stop “Change” From Stressing You Out


(4) MMA For The Professional Warrior – 31 pages

Only $14 US trans new mma warrior

All About Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed Marital Arts vs Vale Tudo
Understanding MMA
Mixed Martial Arts and its Benefits
MMA Fighting Systems
Mixed Martial Arts & Behavior
MMA – Nutrition and Fitness
Importance of Endurance and Stamina
Training for a Mixed Martial Arts Fight
Winning Tactics in MMA


(5) Security Tips For Traveling Overseas – 70 Pages

Only $10STOP! Click HERE To Get This For FREE

Dangerous Travel – An Intro security overseas
Traveling To High-Risk Areas
Personal Security Tips While Traveling
Hiding Travel Money & Documents
Avoiding Legal Difficulties
Good Manners Can Keep You From Being A Victim
Security For Your Luggage
Traveling Abroad – U.S. Travel Warnings
Travel Tips Before You Travel To a Foreign Country
Tips For Women Traveling Alone
Important Travel Tips for Students
Traveling Tips For The Disabled & Seniors
In-Flight Air Travel Rules
Safari & Wilderness Travel Tips
Travel Safety – Using Your Intuition
… plus much, much more!

(6) Fitness & Strength Training For Professional Warriors – 26 pages 

Only $6 US – STOP! Click HERE To Get This For FREEtrans new fit strength

How To Benefit From An Exercise Routine
Create A Great Physique
Advantages Of Exercising At Home
Make Fitness Training More Effective
How To Avoid Injuries
How To Deal With Muscle Cramps
How To Know If You’re Overtraining
7 Reasons Why Muscles Stop Growing & How To Get   Them To Grow Again
Stretch Your Way To Fitness
Tips On How To Gain Weight

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