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Cyber Security Security Online Course Certification Training

Do you want to become a Cyber-Security Specialist? There is a misconception that only IT staff need to be concerned with this area.  That is a HUGE false belief. Both environments are intertwined and a true security professional / protection agent will have an understanding of the cyber-security world.

Our course covers:

  1. The Cyber-Security Job Market
  2. Industry Definitions
  3. Notable Computer Security Attacks & Breaches
  4. Types of Systems at Risk
  5. Attacker Motivation
  6. Vulnerabilities & Types of Attack
  7. Military Warfare
  8. … and much more!

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Feel free to request our free module on this exciting topic. Get to know us before you invest your hard earned money. There is no obligation. If you do decide to enroll in this course, the tuition is only $237.00 US.