Company Biography

Brian Allen While Serving As Academy Commander For Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections.

The idea for International Security Training, LLC began in 2001 after Mr. Allen had attended some Executive Protection courses from a couple of the industry leaders. During these courses, every attendee received a certificate without any testing what-so-ever. Pay, show up, get certificate. (Whether you pay attention or not.) Mr. Allen had already been a Military Policeman and Corrections Specialist in the United States Army as well as an Executive Protection Specialist. He knew that for the money he was investing in continuing education, approx. $600 per course, there should be a set standard prior to an attendee receiving his or her certificate. The most disappointing thing was that both of the entities that provided these course were accredited by either a Credit Hour or C.E.U. granting entity.

Brian Allen – 2002 – Operation Enduring Freedom

The formation of IST was put on hold due to the terrorist attack on 9/11. Mr. Allen was recalled to active duty and served in the Afghan Theater in 2002. In 2003, after Mr. Allen returned from active military duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, he began putting together distance education courses for the professional security arena. He noticed that many soldiers, police officers, etc. would enter the security profession… only to be fired. The main reason he observed for these terminations was poor attitude and people skills.

Brian Allen Training Multi Agency Operators

Brian Allen Training Multi Agency Operators

Fast forward to today. International Security Training, LLC. has students worldwide and also provides accreditation services for course developers / agencies. The company provides courses and workshops live and via the internet. Our focus is on soft skills, professional behavior and attitudes along with security, military & law enforcement training. We’re proud to be a positive force in the ever-changing professional training industry.

Mission Statement:

International Security Training will provide the knowledge & guidance that isn’t found in standard security courses, military combat experience or in any gym.  Our goal is to help our students make a career in this industry, stay employed and behave in a manner that is professional in all environments.

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