Maintaining Your Professional Bearing – Executive Protection – Bodyguard – Security – Training – Course – 3-12-2014

Hello everyone, I wanted to write today after learning about two security specialists who lost their jobs within the past month.  The two individuals didn’t know each other and their incidents were totally unrelated.  What was interesting to me… was … Continue reading

Rhetorical Analysis – Capital Punishment: A Society’s Self Defense | Executive Protection Bodyguard Course

by Brian K. Allen      One of the most interesting topics spanning the last few decades has been the topic of capital punishment. There are many articles and papers written on the topic, however one of the most interesting pieces … Continue reading

Fear – An Intelligent Emotion – Executive Protection – Bodyguard – Bouncer – Nightclub – Casino – Security – 10-12-2013

Fear – yes, I feel it!  I’m writing this because during the last couple days I was on a security detail and got into an altercation with a guy who was a bodybuilder / crossfit look’n fella.  I won the … Continue reading

Safety Tips For College Students – Rape & Crime Avoidance – Executive Protection – Bodyguard

These tips for college students are hopefully not new to you or your students… but they need to be reviewed.  Unfortunately, my clients hire me AFTER they’ve been attacked (in most cases).  The same thing goes for the students that … Continue reading