Short Self Defense Seminars For

The Community & Businesses

Time:             2 – 4 hour seminars

Investment:   Only $289 (Phx AZ area only)


Very rarely will you have an opportunity to learn from an instructor who who can teach by breaking things down so easily for the students.  In addition, it’s even more rare that you can learn from an instructor who has actually had to — USE THESE SKILLS on a day-to-day basis to stay alive in his previous career.

Most seminars advertised today are “Free” because the instructor has built a sales pitch into the seminar.  He / she either wants the student to join their dojo or buy their self defense products.  For these reasons – they hold back on certain info.

I have no hidden agenda.  Hire me, and I’ll share all that I can within the time allowed.

Brian Allen The Phoenix Business Experts

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