Body Worn Cameras Support Covert Operations

If you are a private investigator or a police officer, you know that body worn cameras are as much of a natural part of your investigative procedures as your ID. And because you are involved in this important, highly sensitive business, you often need to make video and audio recordings without the suspect knowing what you are doing.

There is a great pocket DVR that is smaller than a package of cigarettes, and can actually be placed into an empty cigarette package for further concealment. This handy little device actually records up to eight hours on a single charge and comes complete with a 2.5″ screen for easy viewing, along with a built-in speaker and microphone.

Another great way to hide body worn cameras is by using the new wearable Sun Glasses that have a color camera built right into them, and they offer UV protection as well, so you don’t have to sacrifice your eye protection while covertly filming an important event.

If you are looking for the ultimate thing in body worn cameras, you have got to get the tie camera. Made from high grade materials, this necktie is the perfect way to conceal your covert camera activities and is already used in hundreds of police departments and by television stations all over the country. If you are a detective, you have got to wear a tie, right? What better way to record critical information that could make or break a case against a suspect. So if a tie covers up that button worn camera you wanted to use on your shirt, you can use the tie camera instead and start recording away.


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