Advance Party Security Checklist – Executive Protection – Bodyguard Training Course 3-10-2013

Since our EP course has over 200 advance checklist items… I wanted to share a “Basic 20” list that has been used by many agents.  This list should be copied into a document with a few spaces between each item.  That way you can print it and take it with you on your advances.  Of course, you may write your notes in the spaces under each item.

Not every item is needed on every job.  Customize your advance lists based on the assignment at hand.  Here’s the “Basic 20”:

  1. _____ Meet with site manager (may be to find out all managers who should be kept in the loop)
  2. _____ Meet with the building security manager, police & fire reps.
  3. _____ Considered / discussed the possibility for any demonstrators or picketers?
  4. _____ Conducted a fire equipment inspection with fire department?
  5. _____ Conducted the physical survey of arrival and departure locations?
  6. _____ Defined security posts for arrival and departure areas?
  7. _____ Set up (or at least ordered) barricades for arrival and departure areas.
  8. _____ Selected travel routes and alternates?
  9. _____ Defined incident / security route(s)?
  10. _____ Arranged for motorcade parking and dedicated security.
  11. _____ Determined ID check points?
  12. _____ Determined communication check points?
  13. _____ Arranged for technical and bomb sweeps?
  14. _____ Made post assignments & checklists (orders)?
  15. _____ Arranged for mail and gift inspections?
  16. _____ Determined location of holding room?
  17. _____ Inspected elevators / physical & permits?
  18. _____ Conducted background check on any close proximity staff?
  19. _____ Arranged for police and fire dept briefing?
  20. _____ Inquired about any press areas?  Set up if needed.

Until next time, stay safe!

Brian K. Allen, Director

International Security Training, LLC



Advance Party Security Checklist – Executive Protection – Bodyguard Training Course 3-10-2013 — 4 Comments

  1. Brian,
    I like the short list, but was wondering, do you have a checklist for an Advance Party? i.e., say you are relocating to a new town/village, and you need to send the ADVON forward to procure suitable housing, set up reliable utilities, arrange for leasing of vehicle and fuel.
    Anything you have would be welcome and I could adapt as needed.

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