Accreditation Services

This service is NOT for our students.

It is a service provided to other schools, agencies, companies & instructors who develop curriculum.

Courses Accredited By International Security Training, LLC  (Company Accreditation Click HERE)

Any course that has been accredited by us, has been evaluated at a minimum on:

  • Instructional design
  • Evaluation / testing process
  • Stated objectives on marketing materials vs. course materials
  • Transparent tuition pricing
  • Ease of instructor accessibility / feedback

Our private accreditation program is for the course(s) only, not the individual teachers / instructors.

If you have any feedback concerning a course that you’ve taken, that was accredited by us, please contact us here.

About Our International Accreditation Program

The goal of our accreditation program is to ensure that courses provided by institutions, companies, etc. meet acceptable levels of quality. Today many ‘accredited’ courses and those that offer CEU’s don’t even have a test.  This is unacceptable since the main International CEU awarding entity charges over $3,000 for their accreditation application process… per course!  This means students / participants can show up… not pay attention… and earn their credits, CEU’s or credentials without passing an exam.

We review and approve professional security, military, law enforcement & martial art / self defense courses.

Costs & How To Apply For Accreditation

The application fee for course accreditation through International Security Training, LLC. is  $157.00 US per 16 clock hours.  For example, a 1hr – 16hr course = $157.  A 17hr – 32hr course = $314.  After paying the application fee, you’ll receive a request for the following:

1.) Course name

2.) Course lesson plan or Powerpoint

   a.) Including clear objectives

3.) Exam & exam answers

$157 – 16 Clock Hour Course


$314 – 17 to 40 Clock Hour Course


Once your course is approved, you’ll be notified via email. (normally 5 business days).  You’ll then receive an email with a full color scan of your signed accreditation certificate. If you need a hard copy of your full color Course Accreditation Certificate (suitable for framing), additional costs may apply.  Approx shipping costs are shown here.

If your course isn’t approved, we’ll send you our suggestions.  You may then re-send the materials (at no additional charge) and we can move forward with the process.

Multiple Courses For Schools, Agencies, Companies & Instructors

If you fall into the above category, annual agreements are available.  Contact us at the email below to discuss.


Email us here: