About Mr. Brian K. Allen


Brian K. Allen (Listen to & watch Mr. Allen in our video blogs by enrolling in our FREE education program as shown on the right side of our website!)

Work History:

Private Security Contractor

Executive Protection Agent

Safety / Security Supervisor

Military Policeman – US Army (Served in Afghan Theater 2002)

Corrections Professional (former Commander)

Bouncer / Doorman

Registered Safety Officer

Martial Arts & Combatives Instructor History

Unarmed Combatives Instructor – US Army

Multi-Branch Combatives Instructor – Operation Enduring Freedom

Instructor certifications in Kenpo Jujitsu, Bushido Kenpo, Jeet Kun Do, Jujitsu, Handle With Care & more.

Mission Statement

International Security Training will provide the knowledge & guidance that isn’t found in standard security courses, military combat experience or in any gym.  Our goal is to help our students make a career in this industry, stay employed and behave in a manner that is professional in all environments.