Instructor Licensees

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Companies / People Wishing To Teach Our Courses LIVE (Request More Info Below)

Cost: $1,750 US Funds Every 2 Years                          (Payment Plan Available)

international security training

Details: You would be able to teach any of the courses we offer live and in-person. You’ll never have to pay us a per student % or fee. The 2-year fee is all that will be due.  (ONLINE courses remain our sole domain & property. Delivering of those isn’t permitted.)

We will give you access to the IST Vault, which contains the Powerpoints or Course Manuals Instructor Licensee Cert(whichever is applicable), Test Questions & Answers, PPT Certificate Blank file (for you to enter in your student names & print), and course updates as well.

In addition, you’ll receive:

(1) License / letter of authorization – suitable for framing.
(2) A page on our website for your company.
(3) A direct link to your official website with your logo on the page mentioned above.
(4) A video posted on YouTube, introducing your company as a licensed instructor with us.
(5) Weekly social media and/or blog marketing posts that are tagged specifically for your area of operation.

Note: This is completely separate from the Company Accreditation process.

If you need to lock-out your competition, you can apply to be our SOLE REPRESENTATIVE in your State. Click here for more information.